A Letter to Foreign Friends in Changping District


Dear friends,

Citizens in the Changping District are always concerned about the pneumonia outbreak of the novel coronavirus infection. According to A letter from the Beijing CDC to the general public, Foreign Affairs Office of Changping District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality warmly reminds you:

1. If you are from all places (return) to Changping District, including friends who arrive in Changping District via Hubei Province, please contact the street (township) community (village committee), work place or hotel where you are located, and register your contact .

2. Please observe the health status of yourself and your family every day. Generally, you need to observe for 2 weeks. If you have fever, dry cough and other symptoms, please contact the fever clinic of the medical institution to seek medical treatment and inform the doctor of your travel history. If there are similar cases in the surrounding personnel, follow the medical staff''''s instructions and cooperate with the medical staff to conduct an epidemiological investigation to provide detailed information. Avoid public transportation when going to the hospital.

3. Please try to avoid attending parties and group activities.

4. If it is necessary to participate in outing activities, it is recommended to wear a mask.

5. Pay attention to the environment and personal hygiene, keep the residence well ventilated, wash your hands frequently, and not spit. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow when sneezing or coughing.

6. If you have any questions, please call the 24-hour consultation service number 12320.

I wish you a happy Chinese New Year and good health!

Foreign Affairs Office,

Changping District People’s Government,

Beijing Municipality